Home Boarding

All dogs that stay at the dachshund retreat are treated as part of my family just like our own dachshunds and will never be left alone at any time. They will receive at least one walk a day in different locations and also have access to an enclosed field that will be hired at least once a week so they can run free and not be bothered by other dogs.

Wherever possible we try to keep to the same routine that they have at home. So if they sleep in a crate or a bed at home then they can do the same with us it’s a good idea to bring a blanket with them so they have a smell of home because it can help to settle them in better and have their own space.
Please note that I would prefer males over the age of a year to be neutered because this can cause tension within the group un-spayed females are welcome to stay as long as they are not due to come into season .

So I hear you ask what I would need to bring along with my dog for their stay. You will need to bring along there vaccination card, food, and a blanket you’re your home if you would like to.